transcendent. iconic.
a waking dream.

Huvafen Fushi Travel Guide FAQ – More Info
Below 12 years old


Surreal settings, palpable romance. You gaze at the horizon. Pristine sand over turquoise waters. Windswept, flickering flames. Subaquatic celebrations beneath the ocean blue. Vivid ceremonies at sea, as sails and hearts swell. Each Maldives wedding venue is a dreamscape, against a soothing seascape.




A bouquet. Fresh, vivid flowers. Eyes entranced. In energetic whispers, two lives intertwine. The salt-tinged air whisks, enlivens folds of ivory satin. Champagne on ice. Lovers joined at a hidden refuge at Huvafen Fushi's Maldives wedding destinations, bound by the sea.


Our wedding and vow-renewal experiences are ceremonial rather than legal commitments, and are intended to allow you to express your passion and love for each other in a magical destination.




An ethereal world below a world. Mantas, whale sharks. Gliding through currents. Soaring, doubling back, eclipsing the sun. Their silhouettes circle above. Revelling in this underwater realm.


Snorkelling and Diving

Perched on the edge of one world. Peering into another. A platform between two worlds. As you’re drawn into the sea, the surface breaks. Congeals. Refracting light, shimmering scales. Gentle giants filtering water. Immerse yourself in this underwater world. 


Huvafen Fushi diving sites:  

  • Shark Point
  • Rasfari
  • Peak
  • Hambadhu Shipwreck
  • Manta Point


The Marine Biologist

The master of the deep, to teach you secrets. Uncover the mysteries of the reef, know its treasures, be touched by its brilliance. Cloaked gems twinkling in the depths. Expeditions that take you to another world.  Swim into a fantasy, beguiled by the charms of the deep.


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Private hideaways. Slipping between trees, to hidden retreats. At Lonu Veyo, you float effortlessly in a saltwater pool. Buoyant and carefree. Rising ever higher as a seaplane transcends this plane altogether.


Work up a sweat over shimmering waters at Pump GYM, or sink into a world of unadulterated bliss in the calm of Huvafen SPA. Bend and breathe under the open skies with a YOGA session, or find mindfulness in quiet corners of the island, the silence lapped by ocean tides. 


Each moment at Huvafen resonates with beauty, a snapshot of a dream. Let Shutter Fish Photography Studio capture those most special moments. On the sand or sea. Or cocooned in your own luxurious haven.


Or venture indoors to cooler climes. The Lair awaits with tales of lands afar. A favorite novel. A forgotten classic. A haven of distraction. A world of sweet escapes.

Silver Surf PVT


Silver Surf PVT a Motoryacht “Princess 54” runs on a two 750 horsepower engines. A very comfortable and spacious yacht with upper open air deck and lower air conditioned deck making it perfect for smooth rides even across choppy waves. Beautifully designed to create a pleasant ambiance for travel. 


  • Model: Princess
  • Length: 54 feet (16.7m)
  • Powered by: twin 750hp Volvo engines
  • Top speed: 32 knots
  • 2 double birth with 2 crew rooms. Full kitchen with coffee maker, ice maker, dish washer and oven. Fully air conditioned throughout.  Accommodates for up to 30pax can hold 25 comfortably seated
  • Prices on request