transcendent. iconic.
a waking dream.

Huvafen Fushi Travel Guide FAQ – More Info
Below 12 years old

Beach Bungalow With Pool

Daybreak. Early morning light sifts through the curtains. Inside, the air is still, hushed. Subdued. Beyond the window, a sensual garden of light, sand and sea beckons; lifts you from the sensuous embrace of your king bed. Those first morning rays bathe the terrace, scattering across the surface of the lagoon.

Lagoon Bungalow With Pool

Serene waters. The lagoon shimmers, glistens. Beckons with its cooling embrace. From your private deck, panoramas of the Indian Ocean expand in all directions. The tantalising world of Huvafen Fushi is yours to explore. But for now, you’re content to ease into your plunge pool as each seductive moment washes over you. Immerse yourself in the Maldives.

Deluxe Beach Bungalow With Pool

Cocooned in your own sensuous space. The horizon expands before your private courtyard. A vivid seascape draws your gaze from the sun lounger on your private deck. Blue skies kiss the turquoise sea. Nature merging seamlessly with iconic design. Your Deluxe Beach Bungalow capturing the sunrise. 

Ocean Bungalow with Pool

Lounging on a three-tiered deck. Limbs drawn along the lines of a sumptuous daybed. Basking. The Indian Ocean spreads in every direction. Life is a picture-perfect fantasy, every seductive detail yours to enjoy, from the cool blue of your pool to the tropical sunshine. 


Find respite from the world in an ocean-facing garden. An enclave, perfectly square. Laughter echoes for what feels like an eternity. A place where time with loved ones transcends reality.

Two-Bedroom Ocean Pavilion With Pool

Sprawling, two-tiered terrace. A plunge pool bridging the threshold, indoor to outdoor. Midnight Jacuzzi bathed in moonlight. Fibre-optic starlight. A breeze murmurs over the open waters. Whisks across the surface of the sea. Drift into another world at Huvafen Fushi. 

Two-Bedroom Beach Pavilion With Pool

A radiant, avant-garde estate. From an elevated master bedroom, the seascape is yours alone. One staircase descends into your garden. Another into the great expanse of the Indian Ocean. Want for nothing, live for the moment.


The sail billows and curves, drawn taut in the Maldivian breeze. A self-contained world glides over the ocean. A crew at your beck and call. Attentive but elusive. The air stirs with temptation, yearning. This is all that exists.


A sensory journey for the skin. Stay sunkissed yet velvet-soft with Bottega Veneta. Pamper and delight, morning and night.