PURE MASSAGE by Beata Aleksandrowicz

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60-90  minutes

Our body massages are tailor-made to your personal needs. Deep-tissue massage addresses muscular tensions, aches and pains, while gentler methods help you relax and reconnect. You may choose a 60-minute treatment that slowly builds the ability of your body to relax and release tensions that are often built up over years. Or, choose our ultimate 90-minute, top-to-toe treatment that also focuses on the abdomen, chest, face and scalp.


45-60  minutes

Beata developed the ‘Trunk and Branch’ method to understand and address tension in the back and how it radiates out to the rest of the body. By focusing on the back, we get to the core of the matter, which is the best way to ensure relief. Concentrating on the back is at times more effective than a full-body massage that may not properly address the build-up of tension in your shoulders, neck or lower back. This is an essential treatment to keep your whole body relaxed, fit and strong.


60  minutes

This energising and restorative treatment will help you recover quickly from long journeys. A deep stimulation of the scalp, combined with gentle body stretches and back massage, is applied to ease post-travel sluggishness, stiffness of the joints and tension in the muscles. It relaxes and refreshes at the same time, improving the lymph insomnia and dehydration so often associated with travelling through different time zones.


60-75  minutes

Beata believes that the face needs massage as much as the body. This treatment, often described as ‘better than botox’, uses the healing power of touch and invigorating strokes to release the stress held in your face. It immediately and delivers fantastic glow and radiance. This natural anti-ageing massage reduces headaches, migraine and jaw tension while significantly improving sleep quality. Our longer, 75-minute treatment will also take care of tension build-up in your chest, neck and scalp.


60  minutes

A gentle yet very effective treatment designed to detoxify and re-balance while bringing a sense of calm and deep relaxation. This treatment combines elements of abdominal and organ massage, lymphatic drainage and feet reflexology to restore balance to your digestive system and entire body. It can be a great start to a new lifestyle when combined with a detox diet, plenty of rest and plentiful hydration. We recommend two to three consecutive treatments, combined with a Back Pure Massage, for maximum benefit.


60-90  minutes

A specialised, advanced massage designed to assist in cellulite reduction. The treatment starts with relaxing lymphatic drainage to effectively remove any toxins accumulated during the treatment. This is followed by a deep, energetic massage using firm pressure and cupping tools to warm up and loosen the fatty tissue in any problem areas. In the longer 90-minute treatment, we will also massage your back to make sure any muscular problems are resolved.


60-75  minutes

Based on Thai stretching and Shiatsu points, this treatment is the result of Beata’s extensive efforts to create the best possible fusion of Eastern and Western concepts to deliver a modern, effective treatment during which you will remain fully clothed and no massage oil will be used. The main part of the treatment is a series of intensive stretches, but first all muscles are relaxed through gentle rocking that allows all joints and ligaments to regain their alignment and balance. This is followed by muscle work to deliver a full experience of being stretched and relaxed, leaving you refreshed and full of energy. Loose clothing is provided to ensure your comfort.


75  minutes

We offer pre- and post-natal massage to support you and your body during or after your pregnancy. Beata developed this massage to acknowledge the different stages of your pregnancy, as each requires specific attention, techniques and positions to make sure you are safe and comfortable. We adjust the pressure to your needs and thoroughly discuss any contraindications and specific requests prior to your treatment. We offer Mum-to-be Pure massage after the first trimester of your pregnancy.