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60/90  minutes

The first and only in the world, our underwater spa is a cocooned and dreamlike space – the perfect setting for a delightful treatment that harnesses the wonderful healing powers of sleep. Sleep is essential for good health, helping the body to balance its interconnected systems. A good night’s rest has the power to completely recharge the body, bringing back physical strength, hormonal balance and a positive perspective.

Designed by Beata Aleksandrowicz exclusively for Huvafen Fushi, this treatment combines the stillness and tranquillity of this special location with her years of sleep research and massage techniques. Starting at the feet, this treatment uses a combination of reflexology, pressure point and shiatsu techniques to promote relaxation and a restful sleep. Soothing massage on the head, neck, arms and legs promotes deep, trance-like relaxation, while ancient breathing techniques help to complete the energy circuit in the body. Unique and transformative, this treatment elevates the power of touch to restore natural sleep patterns and release.


120 minutes

A sanctuary of serenity beneath the waves. A two-hour journey of healing and rejuvenation. Revel in pure bliss as tension eases from your neck, back and shoulders. Huvafen Spa’s anti-ageing Revitalising Face Pure Massage follows, before the journey ends with a deeply soothing foot massage. Each aspect of this treatment is designed to ease discomforts such as headaches, sleeping problems and tiredness. A calming underwater landscape, a place of true healing and profound relaxation. A truly unique top-to-toe treatment that brings long-lasting wellness.