Enliven your senses with original tastes and many bewitching settings – above, beside and below the sea.


Where food becomes magic. Indulge in contemporary classics, international comforts and Maldivian specialities from dawn until dusk at the many stunning venues dotted around our lush island. Here, epicurean delights are served with a gentle sea breeze and uninterrupted views. Intimate meals are creatively presented in the most surprising private dining settings. Memories are made, and smiles are unavoidable.
A dinnertime must, blending elegant Japanese dining with distinct Latin influences. Settle into a relaxed Izakaya-style environment, poised over the sea, then uncover the epicurean secrets of Salt as the sun dips below the horizon.
A treasure trove of rare vintages deep below the sea. The Maldives’ first underground wine cellar is also its first underwater wine cellar. Sample exquisite tastings and six-course gourmet dinners in a space like no other.


Balanced, wholesome, fresh. Enjoy the ease of overwater organic bistro dining.

Relaxed global dining at a literally overwater restaurant, open for breakfast and dinner. Limited seating bestows a sense of intimacy on every meal.

Italian wood-fired pizza served under the canopy of a coconut grove. Rejoice at homemade Italian classics while ensconced by your floral entourage. An idyllic nook for couples or families.


Toast a perfect day with our collection of venues – from casual surfside cocktails and aged spirits served overwater to underground wine cellars.

A treasure trove of rare vintages. The Maldives’ first underground wine cellar.

Handcrafted cocktails and effortless indulgence on a pearl-white beach. A favourite among repeat guests.

Sunset cocktails and romantic interludes, a 'boho' affair situated on a wooden deck poised above the sea and shaded by a thatched palm frond roof.


Relish the chef’s table experience at each of our restaurants, by the infinity pool, in a cosy corner or under a starry sky on a private sandbank.

An exquisite sunken table hand-carved into the sand is the setting for this most magical of private dining experiences.

Treat yourself to a seafood feast set beside the skylit waters of the infinity pool.

Have an evening to remember when you dine in our signature underwater restaurant.

Enjoy lunch on a small sandbank surrounded by the vast blue sea, perhaps with a leisurely snorkel to build an appetite beforehand.

It doesn't get more romantic than this: dinner on your private islet.

Wander out to your own rock island and dine at a table set for two. Enjoy a truly bespoke menu, paired with the perfect wines.

An enchanting feast best enjoyed together around our outdoor tandoor oven. Enjoy piping hot dishes specially created by your own personal chef.



A taste of wonder lies beneath the surface. Come and discover private, underwater, reef-side dining unlike anywhere else.

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