Unwind. Rejuvenate. Immerse. Don't just dream of serenity at Huvafen, experience it. Expert hands will guide you on a journey of relaxation, leaving you ready to fully embrace your island escape.


Undiscovered serenity lives by the sea in our underwater and overwater spa facilities. Every Huvafen Spa therapist has undergone intensive training with acclaimed massage expert Beata Aleksandrowicz: techniques adopted by many spas globally that will melt away your stress leaving you renewed.


Slip beneath the turquoise waves and discover a secret sanctuary – the world’s first underwater spa. Panoramic reef views surround you, while therapeutic treatments melt away stress, harmonising with the rhythm of the ocean’s tides.


Where the whispers of the sea meet the boundless sky, serenity awaits. Poised above the surf, our overwater treatment pavilions bring you into balance with the elements.


Find refuge for body and mind. Our spa offers massages, facial treatments and full-body therapies.
Discover the power of letting go, surrounded by nature’s soothing submarine hues.

Our first-in-the-world underwater spa is a haven of pure rejuvenation. A space to nurture wellbeing amid a kaleidoscope of marine life. Awaken to a world of healing.

A confluence of Eastern and Western wisdom. Beata’s massage style combines deep tissue and trigger-point techniques with energy work, Thai stretches and touch therapy.

Escape to pure pampering. Huvafen Spa’s nail, hand and feet treatments blend elegance and nourishing wellness, letting you step back from the present and just be. Treat your nails and toes to indulgent beauty routines against an idyllic Maldivian backdrop. Beauty above the shimmering seas.

Drift into tranquillity beyond measure. Emerge renewed, infused with the spirit of the Maldives. Huvafen Iconics elevates your island escape with soul-stirring treatments. Journey from detoxifying rituals to soothing hair care and illuminating skin therapies. It's an odyssey of pure indulgence for your body, hair, and skin.


Huvafen Fushi is a refuge for body and soul, specially designed to nurture wellbeing in holistic ways. Our dynamic range of treatments and experiences soothes and inspires, and rejuvenates and restores.
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