transcendent. iconic.
a waking dream.

Huvafen Fushi Travel Guide FAQ – More Info
Below 12 years old

Huvafen Spa

An ethereal realm of water, serenity washing over every space. Surreal as a receding dream, like fleeting moments before dawn. You enter the world’s first underwater spa in Maldives. Let Huvafen Spa wrap you in healing arms, soothed by healing hands, ensconced in luxury. 

spa essentials

A sumptuous sanctuary beneath. A secret source of youth and beauty. Ancient wisdoms meet modern tonics. Emerging from a chrysalis. Best spa in Maldives. A new you, reborn.  


  • 2 underwater couple’s treatment rooms with panoramic reef views and soothing design inspired by the colours and textures of the sea
  • 4 single over water treatment rooms
  • 2 couple’s over water treatment rooms
  • Steam & Sauna
  • Manicure & pedicure room

Exuviance Facial

Luxurious, pampering - Exuviance imbues beauty through results-driven treatments that spoil and nurture the skin. Powerful ingredients drive deep nourishment, the botanicals of an Exuviance Facial enhancing smoothness and suppleness for visible results. A regime that promotes Skin Fitness™ - products that plump and reenergises the skin, restoring youthfulness. Embrace a healthy glow, no matter your skin type. Surrender to effortless beauty through body and facial treatments that indulge the senses.

Submerge in Sensuous Serenity

An underwater spa in Maldives. Currents ebb and flow. Tides of seduction play upon your senses. A signature treatment – 90 wistful minutes pass in a surreal, submerged environment. Tropical fish flit and weave through the currents. Diffuse bubbles radiate, loft to the surface. Tension dissolves. Exhale. 


Indigenous island coconut oil. The essence of the Maldives. Each massage stroke sends a ripple through the fabric of time. From massage table to relaxation pod. An alluring cocoon. Fresh island fruit followed by herbal tea. You savour the kaleidoscope of clownfish, stingrays and anemones. Life is a lucid dream in the heart of Huvafen Fushi.

PURE MASSAGE by Beata Aleksandrowicz

Ancient traditions and modern techniques. Eastern and Western wisdoms. A unique massage style from Beata Aleksandrowicz that combines deep tissue and trigger-point techniques, energy work, Thai stretches and touch therapy.


Beata’s method is both thorough and ground breaking. Effective, injury-free massage, and therapists trained in life-coaching elements..


The author of several books on massage, Beata is published worldwide. A former columnist for The Sunday Telegraph, she is an expert contributor for numerous publications – Spa Business, European Spa Magazine and Professional Spa@Wellness.


Beata also serves on the Mental Wellness Initiative for The Global Wellness Institute and is a judge for the World Spa & Wellness Awards.




Skincare expert Teresa Tarmey primes London’s most flawless faces. Detox diets and facial formulas combine to achieve the ultimate in beauty. Using a serene, holistic, flexible approach, Teresa delivers results-driven treatments. Her range of sensuous facial treatments was created just for Huvafen Fushi. Teresa specialises in innovative products and cutting-edge technology. Rejuvenation, resurfacing and advanced antiageing treatments. Truly transformative facials that revive skin from within.


A regular contributor to magazines such as Vogue and Tatler, Teresa recently launched her first flagship store in London’s Notting Hill. She has a residency at the world-famous Viva Mayr Clinic in Austria.


A timber pavilion. Island breeze ripples through gossamer linen. Hiding a secret, a traditional formula that soothes, heals. Restores. Dhimaalis begins with a gentle sand scrub, followed by a penetrating salve of Maldivian herbs. Rinsed in the sea, nurturing the senses.